Monday, 2 June 2014

Stress Management

Stress is a natural physiological and physiological effort to cope up with the external and internal stimuli, which produce a strain or disequilibrium. Every single human being feels stressed out by either or all of these factors in their life like their lifestyle, work, dietary habits etc at different stages of their life. Stress have been a part of life for every living being but we are not bothered about every living being but from primitive human being to the present day human beings.

Eustress and distress are the two kinds of stress one could be affected with. Eustress is experienced while involved in entertainments, sports, sex and other hobbies. In Eustress we experience a state of joy at the end of consciously happening events. This is considered as healthy and necessary to fight against distress or Stress as we commonly know.

When a stressful situation occurs without our control without our control and continues for more time or occurs repeatedly, it causes discomfort to the organs or mind. This is termed as distress. They are classified into two- Acute distress and Chronic distress. 

Acute distress.
Is caused due to severe mental shock followed by an incidence like motor accident, fire, physical assault, rape and sudden discovery of severe illness, death of spouse or close relatives, major loss of memory etc. acute stress disorders are lasting from as short as 2 days to at the most 4 weeks. Depending upon the severity and vulnerability of the person this may prolong and cause other ailments. They are commonly classified as Post. Traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).
The core symptoms of an acute stree are Anxiety and Depression, other symptoms include feeling of numbness, shock, insomnia, restlessness, poor concentration and physical symptoms of autonomic arousal.

Chronic Stress
Our fast life, demanding jobs, family environment, and social environment create a number of situations that cause distress. The main causes are 

Work overload,  Time over speed/deadlines. Information (mostly negative), Illness (over anxiety), Desire (over ambition), Relationships

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