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Love Plants

1. Amalaka : Emblica officinalis 
Goose berry
Powder of goose berry impregnated with the juice of goose berry mixed with Jaggery+Honey+Ghee (Clarified Butter) taken with milk.
(Susrutha Chikithsa 26.24 also V.M. 70.8.9)
2. Ankota : Alangium salvifolium
Ankolaabaddha Vati
Parts Used: Root (Bark), Seed, Seed Oil
Dose: Root Bark decoction - 50 - 100 ml+ Root bark powder 6gms
Seed oil is used externally
(R.Y S.I, P.46)
3. Asvatta : Ficus religiosa
Fruit + Root+ Bark + and Leaf Bud of the tree cooked in Milk with added Sugar (Jaggery) and Honey
4. Bhallataka : Semecarpus anacardium
Four Bhallataka fruits cooked in 1.28 litres of Milk
(A.S.U. 50.29)
5. Girikarnika (Aparajita) : Clitorea ternata
Leaves of white aparajita cooked with milk in the mornings
(V.D 20.20)
6. Godhuma : Triticum aestivum
Wheat flour and seeds of Kapikachu are cooked in milk, when cooled mix with Ghee and taken
(S.S.Ci 26.30)
7. Gokshura : Tribulus terresteris
a. Powders of Gokshura + Ikshuraka (10) + Satavari + Kapikachu (8)+ Nagabala + Atibala with milk in the night (V.M. 70.14)
Nagabala and atibala are varieties of Sida cordifolia
b. Gokshura cooked in milk (G.N. 2.9.58)
8. Kapikacchu : Mucuna pruriens
Powder with milk will never suffer from semen deficiencies (Su.Sam. Chi. 26.33)
9. Karkatasrungi : Pistacia integrima
The fruit mixed with milk should be taken regularly and has to be on a diet of cereals, honey and ghee.
(A. S. U 50.44)
10. Kokilaksha (Ikshuraka) : Astercantha longifolia 
Powdered Seeds of Kapikachu + Kokilaksha + Sugar (Jaggery) taken with tepid milk (Su.Su.Chi 26.33)
11. Madhuka (Yashtimadhu) : Glycyrrhiza glabra
Madhuka powder 10gm + Ghee + Honey followed by Milk
(C.S. Chi 2.3.19 ; A. S. U 50.43)
12. Maasha : Phaseolus mungo
a. Gruel made of maasha grains with ghee and milk acts as aphrodisiac (C.S. Su 2.32)
b. 40 gm Masha + Honey + Ghee followed by milk (S. S. Chi 26.29)
c. Masha Powder impregnated with Amalaki (Gooseberry Juice) added with ample honey + Ghee , followed by milk (A. S. Su 50.40)
Parts Used: Seeds
Dose: 5-10 Gms
13. Mashaparni : Teramnus labialis
Parts used : Whole plant
Dose:  decoction 50 - 100 ml
Prep: Shashtikaadi Gulika (Tablet)
14. Munjataka : Orchis latifolia
Parts used: Tuber
Dose: Powder: 3-5 gms
Prep: Godhumadhya Ghrutha
15. Mudgaparni : Phaseolus trilobus
Prep: Shashtikaadi Gulika (Tablet)
(C.S Chi 2.2.5)
16. Musali : Asparagus adscendens
a. Musali root powder combined with Gudichi (Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia) Satva + Kapikachu + Gokshura + Jaggery + Amalaka suspended in milk + Ghee (S. G 2.6.58 also B.P Ci 72. 25-2)
b. Musalyadi Choornam (Powder) (Y.R. 446)
Parts used: Root 
Dose: Powder 3-5 gm
17. Salmali Salmali malabarica
with cows milk (H. S 3.47; also VD 20.17,23)
18. Sara (Munja) : Saccharum munja
An ingredient in Brumhani gutika ( C. S. Ci 2.1.24)
19. Shashtika (A type of rice) : 
Shashtika brimhani gutika
Dose: Powder: 10-20 gms
20. Shatavari : Asparagus racemosus
a. Shatavari gutika (C.S.Ci 2.3.18)
Shatavari + Milk (V.J.S.S)
21. Sringataka Trapa natan
Var. Bispinosa
Ingredient of Apatyakara svarasa and Vrushyaghrutha (C.S.Ci 2.2.14 22)
22. Talapatri : Curculigo orchioides
Powder with Milk (V. V 4.8)
23. Tila : Sesamum indicum
Tila + Ghee + Triphala + Honey + Trikatu + Bhallataka + Jaggery all in equal quantity
(CD 50.62; also A H U 40.25)
24. Vidaari : Pueraria tuberosa
Vidari Powder impregnated with its own juice + Ghee + Honey (S.S.Ci 26.23)
25. Vrudhadaruka : Argyreia speciosa 
Ghee cooked with vrudhadaaruka root taken internally with milk (B S Striroga 174)
Compiled from Ayurvedline
Dr. A Nadkarni
This information is based on Ayurvedic scriptures only and is not intended for any treatments or should not be considered as an advice for treating your self. For any medical conditions please take advice from your GP or an Ayurvedic practitioner

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