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Music therapy -

As Music is Universal so is Music Therapy!

Music therapy as the term implies is the application of music as a complementary management technique  for a variety of conditions affecting the human population. Predominantly developed in India, nevertheless this expression have only recently found a place in the society recently.

It was the Nada centre for music therapy, a modest organisation which started the propagation of the concepts and practices relating to music therapy amongst Indians, who have lost the 'music' in their life, despite the fact that the music industry being a flourishing in India.

Though unrecognised and unsung, the Indian Raga system, well known both for its emotional content and impact, had no doubt provided much -needed solace for billions of people in the past. East or West music is the best, the potential of Indian Raga's are yet to be mastered by a wider population for being propagated to a wider public. Like the Sanskrit language, the raga's are restricted to a few individuals who have been able to master this art through family traditions or extraordinary interests and devotion.

Nada Centre commenced research with popular western music so as to identify their possible therapeutic role for the concurrent needs of youth (and also elders who have a savvy for western music.

The centre recommends that individuals should first identify their problems and religiously listen to the recommended music for atleast 20 minutes thrice each day, ideally after breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • The Fantasy Music
Affected situation: Do you feel bogged down by the routine in life and get bored and irritated without rhyme or reasons? then the music should be based on its ability to relax you through certain fantasies and inanities!
    1. Plasir d'Amour by Andre Ridieu
    2. Forget the past
    3. Vaya con dias
    4. For you, by Giovanni Maradi
    5. All you need is a Flower by Paul Mauriat
    6. La Mamma
    7. La Prevre Par Cove
    8. Ave Maria No Morro
    9. Flash Dance- What a Feeling ! By Paul Mauriat
    10.Spring Love by Giovanni Maradi
    11. Je ne Pourrai Jamais t'Oublier by Paul Mauriat

  • The Movement Music
Affected situation: Are you a child, teenager or a senior feeling bogged down in life with lots of homework and restrictions, waiting an outlet for moving away or shaking off your cocoon?

  1. Concerto de Aranjuez
  2. 1929: The Music box DFancer by Frank Mills
  3. March Turkish by Mozart
  4. Badinere by Paul Mauriat
  5. La Playa
  • Music that tells of saddest thoughts in a pleasant way!
Affected situation:
 Are you feeling sadness, loneliness or social isolation from friends and family members? Then the best companion for you is music.

  1. Love theme from Romeo & Juliet by Andre Rieu
  2. A Comme Amour by Richard Clayderman
  3. Between tears
  4. Serenata by Andre Rieu
  5. Vaya con dios
  6.La Playa
  7. Ave Maria No morro

  • Resolution Music to Induce Confidence
Affected situation: Do you lack one or all of the following: Confidence? Determination? Clarity?Resolution? Do you have a regret that you are left behind in the modern rat-race for power, money or relationships?

  2. La Paloma
  8. La Mamma
  9. La Playa
  10. Godfather
  11. La prevre par cove
  12. Ave mari no moro
  14. Gloria Bendita- Gypsy Soul

T. V Sairam
Compiled from Bhavan's Journal

Disclaimer: * This information is based only on Ayurvedic Medical Scriptures. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, this should not be used for any self treatments

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