Friday, 19 July 2013

Reflexology & Reiki

Reflexology is a technique that involves the application of pressure to specific points or reflexes on the feet (or hands). It is believed that the feet reveal a surprising amount of information about our health.
A full treatment lasts an hour and is received in a relaxing recliner chair.
Reflexology can help to
  • reduce the effects of stress
  • encourage a sense of well-being
  •  promote relaxation and calm
  • £50.00 / Hour.
Reiki is an ancient system of energy healing developed in Japan which made its way to the West via the adoption of its practice in Hawaii. It can be received whist sitting or lying down and involves using a sequence of hand positions placed gently either on the body or just above.
Reiki can help to
·         relieve aches and pains
·         improve sleep patterns
·         reduce tension and stress
·         £30.00 / Hour.

Lindsay is a Reiki Master Teacher and member of the CThA and Reiki Association.
Location: Vedic Age
Available days: She is available on prior booked appointments on site and on all Sundays and Mondays after 01:00 pm

Disclaimer: * This information is based only on Ayurvedic Medical Scriptures. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, this should not be used for any self treatments

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