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An Ayurvedic procedure of application/anointing the body with oil. This is an endearing experience and rejuvenate's one's health and render it for withstanding the wear and tear of daily life.
Who can do this?

Anyone can do this on his own body, but to give this as a service on someone else, it is recommended to have undergone a valid Panchakarma therapy course from accredited clinics, hospitals and places who provides such facilities.

Who benefits from it?
Any person benefits from this, if you know how to use this and when you could do
How can we do this?
It could be done by one on his own, by one other person or by two other people, The latter is the most beneficial compared to the earliest.

What do we use for this?
Ideally we use oils according to the needs of the body, i.e., for a sports person "Murivena - name of an Oil" is highly recommended. Murivena helps in reducing the lactic acid accumulation, hastens the general reparatory function of the muscles. Reduces the inflammations of the joints muscles etc

Daily application of Sesame oil is highly recommended for all.

Disclaimer: * This information is based only on Ayurvedic Medicine Scriptures. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, this should not be used for any self treatments

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