Saturday, 8 August 2015

Empowering people with Positive Thoughts

Thoughts that people harbour in the inner recesses of their minds are either negative or positive. Negative thoughts are dark depressive and can even be destructive. A person with a negative mindset can view things only in their negative form. To him most things are painted black. There is no porosity for sunshine to filter in. Hence the thoughts and actions which germinate from such a mindset are generally reprehensible in character. Its physical manifestation is always ugly and it generally results in a colossal damage and destruction. Hence negative thoughts must never be entertained or encouraged for they are harmful and cause much suffering to those who become victims. Moreover, it is always seen that the individual harbouring such thoughts get equally affected too by their vileness. The velocity of their destruction is far greater than any mechanical or explosive device can cause. Its destructive power is all the more worrisome because it actually has the human psyche in its grip.

Human beings are social animals. We are naturally gregarious. hence by natural law  we interact with each other without being judgmental. In the process of interaction human beings influence each other as thoughts are not confined in the recesses of the individual's mind only. Thoughts are what we are and we are what our thoughts are . The two are intrinsically bound and hence the resultant synergy finds expression in our speech and actions. How we look upon people, what our behaviour is towards them, our reactions and so on. We have enough historical evidence, both past and present show us the destruction, the mayhem that people with discordant minds can cause. How many wars have have the world fought? How many riots ? How many acts of revenge have been perpetrated? It is time we learnt from our past experiences and tried to change not only ourselves but also mentor  others to change.

This is perhaps the only effective way that a change can be brought about. But success will not be easily achieved. The road will have many twists and turns. We have to introspect deeply and find ways to change out thought process. We must also stop being in the company of negative minded people and try to be with people who have positive characteristics. A laborious and uphill task this will be but we must try nevertheless. Since the human psyche is resistant to change, our efforts need to be stepped up to the point of being convincingly persuasive.

Studies and research have shown that the mind can be empowered with positive energy in order to improve our mental wellness. By self-analysing and mentoring by the people who are positive minded,om we can control our negative thoughts and feelings. By constant vigilance we can prevent ourselves from being overtaken by negative feelings of anger, jealousy or thoughts of revenge. This is why it is always heartening to meet a person who always upholds a positive perspective of life.  A person who can easily smile, appreciate others' success, can readily compliment people, exudes a confidence which is infectious. His confidence makes others feel confident and invigorated. If we can change the direction of our negative energy and channelise our thoughts into positive energy we can extradicate much of the negativity that exists among us. As someone said, "Your mind is a garden, Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or weeds."

Surendralal Mehta
Bhavan's Journal, 31, 2o13

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