Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Focus is essential to move ahead

As a victim of failure we wonder why we have not succeeded as well as many who are less deserving, and we hold fate to be responsible. If that be the case, the best advice one can give is to look back into our past.

At times we take up many things together but fail to finish even one, because there is disarray of thoughts and actions. These are the real causes of failure. One can attempt many things simutaneously and end up doing nothing well.

The popular saying "Jack of all trades and master of none", describes those who find themselves left behind on the road to achievements and who enviously stare at those who keep zooming past.

But there is never a soul so lost that it cannot get back on to Truth's roadway if it tries persistently enough. What needs to be done is to come out of the quagmire which one has landed in due inaction, indolence, and indifference.

The turnaround commences when one realises that no sooner one begins a piece of work he also gets seized with a feverishdesire to do something else. As a result one rushes through what one has started to accomplish, at a breakneck speed, undermining the work in hand for the work in mind.

Thought initiates action, thought is power and when thought is dissipated in doing something other than what one started out to do in the first place, thinking gets wasted.

The road to success lies along the path of decision. and up the hill of endeavour and across the bridge of patience.

We should take the first step  with conviction and take it right now and stay on course. Once we are already walking on the the path it will certainly lead to success.

-Sunderlal G Mehta

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