Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pray to shed miseries

If you want to shed your miseries, learn to sit silently and pray solemnly. Praying is a proven method to attain peace and wish-fulfillment. It is being used as a meditative tool the world over, for many thousand years, in nearly every religious tradition. "What things so ever ever ye desire, when you pray, believe that ye recieve them, and ye shall have them", says holy bible (Mark 11:24).

Prayer is a stimulant to creative ideas that help in finding solutions to our problems. Insight, direction amd illumination are divinely given to people who habitually resort to prayer. They feel better, do better, sleep better and become better. Prayer helps in harmonious functioning of their body and soul.

Chanting of mantras, hymns, ritualistic veneration in temples, mosques, churches and synagogues or repeating the name of god or goddess reverentially through the beads of a rosary are all forms of prayer

Though the premise, reasons, language, formulae and contents of prayers differ differ widely from religion to religion yet the aim in all of them is the same to entreat God to redress the devotee's grievances or seek forgiveness for sins already committed.

A prayer may be in prose or in verse, a silent mental request or a group entreat.

Do not assume, even for a minute that only stereotyped Sanskrit, Latin or Arabic phrases are fit for prayers to be responded by the almighty. You may select to pray in your own language. God understands all the languages.

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