Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn Winter Offer, 2013, Nov

A.      The Winter Treat: Only £70.00
One for you one for your partner/friend/Spouse
Includes two sessions:
1.       Full body Massage (Abhyanga) Duration: 45 minutes,
2.       Steam (Swedana), 10 Minutes
3.       Cleansing Facial (Mukhabhyanga) / Sports Injury Management Massage (Elakizhi), 30 minutes
      One time offer, Valid for three months from the date of purchase
B.      Mini care  £75.00 only
Includes 3 Full body Massage without Steam
Duration: 45 minutes
Validity:  3 months from the date of purchase
C.      The body detox, for £100.00 Only
Includes three different experience
1.       A Session of Full Body Massage (Abhyanga), 50 Minutes + Steam , 10 minutes
2.       A session of Elakizhi (Poultice bag  massage-Sports Injury management), 50 Minutes + Steam , 10 Minutes
3.       A session of Indian Head Massage (Siro-Abhyanga), 20 Minutes.
   Validity: 3 MOnths from the date of purchase
D.       Think healthy. Only £120.00
1.       Four Sessions of Full Body Massage (Abhyanga)
Duration: 60 Mins
Steam: 10- 15  Minutes, 
Validity: 4 months from the date of purchase
E.      A Healthy Family Offer, £160.00 only
6 Sessions of Abhyanga (Full body Massage)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Steam Inclusive (10-15 Minutes)
Could be shared with your family or friends
Redeem before Mar, 2013

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